Our Core Values are:


Collaboration and teamwork

Client focus and personalization


Excellence in everything we do


The following 5 pillars of our healthcare model is how we put our mission and values into action.

Time & Expertise: 5 Pillars of Our Model

Time and expertise are the two most important ingredients in effective healthcare. At Copeman Healthcare we allow care to be delivered in an “unhurried” manner. Professionals have the extra time to ensure that all of your needs are being addressed – including “behind the scenes” research into complex issues.

Expertise is delivered through the 5 pillars of the Copeman Healthcare Model:

1. Expert Physicians & Specialized Professionals

Physicians and other medical professionals are hand-picked, highly trained and have special experience or focus in key areas such as:

  • Cardiology
  • Oncology (Cancer)
  • Women’s Health (Hormone, Reproductive, Breast, Bone & Heart)
  • Pain Management
  • Men’s Health (Hormone, Sexual, Heart, Prostate)
  • Diabetes (Management and Prevention)
  • Asthma
  • Dermatology
  • Executive Health
  • Arthritis
  • Urology
  • Gynecology
  • Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
  • Cognitive Impairment & dementing conditions

In addition, Copeman draws upon visiting specialists and an extensive network of health experts. Even though specialist waiting times can often be long within the community, our dedicated client care team will go to exhaustive efforts to ensure timely access to specialist services.

2. Inter-Professional Teams

Many important aspects of medical care and prevention require the specialized expertise of other health professionals including:

  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Neuropsychologists (Brain Health & Rehabilitation)
  • Psychometrists
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Kinesiologists (Exercise Medicine)
  • Physiotherapists
  • Registered Nurses (family health nurses)
  • Nurse Practitioners

Copeman Healthcare employs a large roster of such medical professionals and they form a critical component in the delivery of optimal expertise in a primary healthcare setting.

3. Collaborative Care

It is common to find medical clinics that have physicians, specialists and other medical professionals co-located in the same facility and referring patients to one another. It is very rare to have these professionals working collaboratively on your personal medical file.

Copeman Healthcare has made large investments in systems, processes and technologies that facilitate true collaborative care – a model where experts put their heads together to get to the bottom of each and every health issue.

4. Personalization

Another way of ensuring that people receive optimal medial expertise on an ongoing basis is to fully understand their health risks and medical history and then match them with a personal health team that has knowledge and skills consistent with that profile. This very sensible clinical approach streamlines the delivery of care by minimizing colleague referrals while improving the quality of care.

5. Technology

Bringing together expertise in a truly collaborative fashion requires sophisticated computer technology to ensure effective and timely communication, sequencing of interventions and the consolidation of clinical information. Copeman Healthcare employs a staff of analysts and programmers that continually refine medial records and clinic administration technologies, as they develop and improve important tools to assist people with the management of their health such as the Carebook™ Health Management System.