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Your health
Let’s make it
a top priority.

Experts in personal, proactive, team-based healthcare

What We Do

At Copeman Healthcare, we offer annual assessments, ongoing care programs and a wide selection of supporting healthcare services to individuals, corporate clients and families in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Vancouver’s North Shore.

We are a primary care facility that combines the care of a physician with an entire team of specialized healthcare professionals.

This collaborative approach includes nutrition counselling, exercise medicine & personal training, physiotherapy and mental & cognitive health among others.

A strong focus is placed on disease prevention and early detection through the use of diagnostic technologies and health monitoring tools to help ensure you experience the best health outcomes possible.

You get unhurried, on-time appointments, so you’ll never be sitting in the waiting room wondering when it’s your turn.

At Copeman you’ll receive our focused attention. We take the time to listen to you and your concerns, and our dedicated care teams work together to help solve your toughest health challenges.

How We’re Different


    By keeping patient rosters small we are able to provide you with enough time to address your health concerns without ever making you feel rushed. We also respect your busy schedule by running appointments on-time so that you can spend more time with your care team and less time in the waiting room.


    Medical expertise is best when teams of professionals with deep knowledge in specific areas of medicine work together. Our teams are vetted to exacting standards that consider aptitude, customer service, interests and attitude – to provide you with excellent care that is both broad and deep.


    We provide team-based care that draws on the rich expertise of physicians, dietitians, kinesiologists, family health nurses and other care providers as needed. Your dedicated team is not only co-located, but engaged in meaningful collaboration.


    We use the best of what technology can offer to facilitate collaboration between members of your professional care team. The latest technology allows us to provide you with comprehensive information on your health, and advanced diagnostic screening.


    Excellent client service has been shown to drive superior health outcomes and our high standards of excellence mean you get the best in service. We are here to offer every advantage and every courtesy. At Copeman you have a voice in your care – we work with you to achieve your health goals.


    No two people are exactly the same and therefore care must be personalized to you. At Copeman, you receive the very best in evidence-based medicine that is tailored to your specific needs.

How We Do It

Your Copeman Healthcare team is located under one roof, not just co-located but also engaged in meaningful collaboration.

Whether you require immediate medical treatment, support for longer-term disease prevention or lasting lifestyle modification, collaborative care models have repeatedly been shown to produce excellent health outcomes.

Going several steps beyond collaboration, the Copeman model combines:

  • adequate time,
  • prompt appointments,
  • a dedicated team of professionals that proactively looks at physical, psychological and cognitive indicators,
  • 24/7 coverage,
  • convenient on-site laboratory,
  • tools to help you understand, track, monitor and better manage your specific health risks.

The Copeman model offers the very best in evidence-based medicine.

six circles represent the different teams of specialists collaborating at Copeman to help you achieve your best health outcome

For placement only – CTA to watch video explaning model and value proposition

Our Services

For Me

Discover the difference a preventative, collaborative, highly personalized approach can make to your health.

Learn more about our programs for individuals including our renowned LifePlus Program.

Learn more

For My Family

Copeman’s proactive healthcare programs help foster, happy, healthy families.

We offer pediatric programs for children, specialized services for young adults and personalized care for parents.

Learn more

For My Organization

Show you care about your #1 asset, invest in the health of your people.

Copeman is your Corporate Health Partner, offering Comprehensive Health Assessments, ongoing care programs & customized plans.

Learn more

Copeman Healthcare offers a wide selection of OPEN SERVICES to help support total wellness, including Physiotherapy, Brain & Psychological Health Services, Integrated Personal Training and Nutritional Counselling. All of these services are OPEN to any member of the public, which means you do not need to be an existing client – simply contact us to setup your appointment.


Don’t delay, start your journey towards optimal health today with Copeman Healthcare – your premium healthcare provider.

  • Personalized medical care, tailored to your unique needs
  • Focus on long-term health and prevention
  • Highest standards of customer service
  • Multidisciplinary medical expertise – working together for you
  • Maximizing technology for better health outcomes
  • More time with your doctor and appointments that run on-time

Let’s make health a top priority. Click Get Started to take the first step towards optimal health.