What Our Healthcare Includes

Every person is unique, and their healthcare services need to be delivered on a very personal basis. We offer a variety of programs and services which are offered individually or in combinations to create a comprehensive health and wellness plan to meet your particular needs.

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Ongoing Professional Care

Copeman Healthcare offers an all-inclusive health service that integrates the care of expert physicians with the specialized expertise of an inter-professional team based on your personal health & prevention plan. Read more about our our healthcare services.

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Comprehensive Health Assessments

The first step in starting any program of disease prevention is understanding the status of your health today, and what your particular risks may be. We offer a wide range of thorough, evidence-based assessments for the body, mind and brain. Read more about our Health Assessments.

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Pediatric Services

The essence of Copeman Kids is to provide parents with advanced health services and helpful guidance to ensure that their children have the best chance of developing a strong physical, cognitive and psychological foundation. Copeman Kids  includes comprehensive programs for screening and the early detection of disease while providing both parents and children with the tools and education they need to prevent disease from manifesting itself in the first place. Read more about our pediatric services.

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Psychological Health

Our psychological health is reflected in the physical state of our body. And when you work on both your mind and your body, each reacts synergistically, supporting the healing of the other. At Copeman Healthcare, we have become very focused on this important aspect of total healthcare. Read more about our mental health services.

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Brain Health

Wellness Begins with a Healthy Brain. Many things can affect the way our brain absorbs, processes and stores information for future use (cognition). Our Centre offers advanced cognitive assessments, and the programs needed to prevent or slow down disease or normal age-related decline. Read more about Brain Health.

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The Copeman Healthcare Exercise Medicine Centre is a medically-prescribed and supervised fitness and rehabilitation facility for people with specific risks or medical conditions. Read more about our physiotherapy services.

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Integrated Personal Training

When you need to incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle for therapeutic purposes and under medical supervision, our Centre can provide kinesiologists with advanced certification in personal training who will work closely with your family physician and in-house doctors and other medical professionals. Read more about Integrated Personal Training.

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Whether you want to continue with the care of your current family doctor and use the many specialized services of the Copeman Healthcare Centre, or fully integrate our medical services using one of our own expert staff physicians, we have a service or program for you. View Fee Schedule