Integrated Personal Training (IPT)

Exercise, when combined with proper nutrition, is the most powerful and effective natural medicine for a large number of conditions and is the simplest way to significantly reduce risk for many cancers and chronic diseases. For most of the population the risks associated with exercise are limited to musculoskeletal injury resulting from improper technique or a poor warm-up or stretching routine. However, people with certain medical conditions should receive proper medical advice and exercise guidance when beginning a program. Examples of conditions that may increase the risks of exercise include:

The Copeman Healthcare Centre employs kinesiologists with advanced training and certification in personal training that design programs under the supervision of family doctors and sports medicine specialists. Doctors are always on-hand within the facility in the case of a medical incident and all staff are trained in advanced cardiac life support.

If you are concerned about a pre-existing medication condition or if you have been told by your family physician to be cautious about physical exercise, then our centre’s IPT program is an excellent option when you have made the commitment to build regular exercise into your healthy lifestyle. The Centre accepts referrals from family doctors as well as self-referrals.

You don’t have to have a preexisting medical condition or risk factors to enjoy this service at Copeman Healthcare. The IPT training staff are pleased to provide training services at any level, including advanced strength and conditioning for experienced amateur and professional athletes.