Comprehensive Health Assessments

The early detection of disease is an important component of prevention. Copeman Healthcare offers a range of assessment services in the major domains of physical, psychological, and brain health. Few organizations in the world offer this range and depth of assessments in a primary care setting. Our prevention services will help you build resilience in each of these areas to fend off disease and disorders. Early detection is good. No detection is better.

AssessmentArea of Focus
Comprehensive Health AssessmentPhysical Health
Dietitian and Kinesiologist ConsultationPhysical Health
Comprehensive PsychologicalPsychological Health
Custom PsychologicalPsychological Health
Brief Cognitive MeasureBrain Health
Memory & Cognitive AssessmentBrain Health
Neuropsychological EvaluationBrain Health

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Comprehensive Health Assessment

Complete Executive Physical ExamMany people are quite healthy. We want to keep it that way. Unfortunately, a disturbing number of people who feel healthy have undiagnosed or misdiagnosed illnesses. Even more have high, unknown risks for cancer or chronic disease based on family and lifestyle history, and their health status isn’t being monitored carefully.

The Copeman Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA) is comprised of an extensive panel of tests and physical examinations, as well as detailed questionnaires, to properly assess your health status – and your health risks. Tests range from relatively simple blood tests to complete physical exams, to other sophisticated technologies. Most importantly, the CHA provides the detailed professional consulting and health planning to put you on the right track to optimal health.

Every person in this program experiences the same assessment and planning service as in the LifePlus Program. Although ongoing professional care and counseling between assessments is not included in the CHA, individual services from the professional team are available on a “fee for service” basis (see Fees & Guarantees) as needed or as requested.


Note: All medically necessary diagnostic and treatment services that may be provided by the physicians practicing from the Copeman Healthcare Centre – or from your family doctor – are paid for by the government under your provincial health insurance plan. The fees charged by Copeman Healthcare are strictly for non-insured health services, and payment of those fees does not guarantee access to insured physi­cian services. Copeman Healthcare’s fee for the CHA is strictly for the uninsured components. In Alberta and some other provinces physicians working at the Centre may bill the provincial health insurance plan for a comprehensive visit (assessment).  Copeman Healthcare and physicians working at the Centre may also bill for certain tests such as ECGs, stress ECGs, audiometry, tonometry and spirometry.

Dietitian and Kinesiologist Consultation

Although assessment services from other medical firms provide some nutrition and fitness counseling, each assessment at the Copeman Healthcare Centre includes a full one hour consultation with both a registered dietitian and a kinesiologist – and follow-up. Upon the recommendation of either the kinesiologist or the supervising physician, you may be referred to a Copeman physiotherapist for an assessment to establish functional impediments to sustainable fitness activity. Upon the recommendation of the physician, you may also be referred to a Copeman psychologist.

Comprehensive Psychological Health Assessments

Occupational Health AssessmentsThe Centre offers a comprehensive a psychological health assessment designed for individuals who have previously received a professional assessment but have an unclear diagnosis, complex co-morbidities (multiple, simultaneous conditions) or an ineffective response to treatment. It should be preceded by a one hour psychologist consultation to ensure it is an appropriate step. The assessment follows an advanced, multi-disciplinary protocol that recognizes the importance of understanding whether there are any underlying physical or cognitive issues involved. Key elements of the assessment include:

The multi-professional team includes:

  • Psychologists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Physicians
  • Registered Dietitians
  • Kinesiologists

The assessment requires approximately 10 hours and is spread over 2-4 days depending on the client’s schedule and the intake psychologist’s appraisal of each individual’s ability to tolerate the demands of the assessment.

The comprehensive psychological health assessment is designed for diagnosis and treatment planning. If a client requires a formal report it must be requested prior to the assessment, whether for legal purposes or not. A formal report requires significant additional clinical time to prepare.

Custom Psychological Assessments

Custom Psychological AssessmentsFollowing a one hour consultation with a psychologist, the Centre may recommend the design of a customized assessment if it is felt that such an assessment will be effective and thorough given the client’s history, circumstances and the available of current medical records.

Memory & Cognitive Assessment (MCA)

Comprehensive Psychological AssessmentThe MCA provides a client with a baseline score in 15 important areas of cognition, while screening for possible impairment. The MCA also serves as a “benchmark” for how your brain is functioning in important areas such as:

  • Attention & concentration
  • Language & communication
  • Sensory perception
  • Memory & learning
  • Executive functioning
  • Processing speed

The assessment results can be used to:

  • Track your brain health over time for early detection & prevention
  • Provide a reference point in case of brain injury or major illness
  • Target areas for focus within a “brain fitness” program

The MCA is composed of a clinical interview with a neuropsychologist, a computerized Brief Cognitive Measure, psychological health screening instruments, plus a battery of well-established neurocognitive tests administered by a trained psychometrics professional. It includes a comprehensive written report of findings and a 30 minute feedback discussion with a neuropsychologist. The assessment requires approximately 3 hours of your time.

Brief Cognitive Measure (BCM) Assessment

Base Cognitive MeasureThis brief assessment provides a client with a baseline score in 9 important areas of cognition, while screening for possible impairment. Results can be monitored over time to ensure that any significant decline can be acted on early. This may include age-related decline, or even an unexpected head injury.The BCM is a computerized assessment administered with clinically relevant questionnaires and a brief interview. It includes a standardized, computer-generated report and a brief meeting with neuropsychology staff. The BCM takes one hour to complete.

Neuropsychological Evaluation

Neuropsychological EvaluationIf a clinical interview reveals readily apparent neurocognitive deficits, or these are detected in one of the Centre’s neurocognitive assessments, the Copeman Neuropsychology team can conduct more in-depth evaluations to assess how individual areas of the brain are working. Results can be used to clearly differentiate between normal age-related changes in brain function and those that reflect a possible neurological disorder. They may also be used to assist in diagnosis, since different diseases and disorders produce different patterns in these evaluations.

A neuropsychological evaluation represents the most thorough assessment of a client’s functioning and involves an in-depth, systematic review of all areas of cognition. Its primary purpose is to create a specific treatment plan for remediation of cognitive deficits. Since an evaluation requires at least one day of testing & interviews it is generally not performed without a preliminary consultation with a neuropsychologist.