Copeman Clinic Cost and Fees

Individual Services or All-inclusive Programs

Whether you want to continue with the care of your current family doctor and use the many specialized services of the Copeman Healthcare Centre, or fully integrate our medical services using one of our own expert staff physicians, we have a service or program for you. It is not a requirement to subscribe to any particular program to receive a health service at the Centre. Individual fees can be charged for non-insured services for clients not enrolled in a program.

Copeman Services May Be Reimbursable By Your Insurance, Benefits Provider or Health Spending Account, Most Fees are Tax Deductible

If you have an extended health plan from your employer (or your spouse’s employer), many of the service fees at the Centre may be reimbursed. Some plans, particularly out-of-country plans, may even cover the entire amount. Most medical services performed by physicians or other inter-professional team members qualify as tax deductible medical expenses under Canada Revenue Agency legislation. You should check your particular policy to determine what your “out of pocket” cost will be. We are happy to work with your insurance or health plan provider to determine what level of reimbursement you can expect. The advanced services of the Copeman Healthcare Centre may be more affordable than you think.

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Fee Schedule

First Year$4,495
Subsequent Years$3,495
First Year$9,090
Subsequent Years$7,990
Additional children (Copeman Kids)$500/child/yr
First Year (for parents in LifePlus that would like to enrol their children in Copeman Kids)$500/child/yr
Subsequent Years (for parents in LifePlus that would like to enrol their children in Copeman Kids)$500/child/yr
Comprehensive Health Assessment**$1,850
Physician Consultation per half hour: Non-Canadian Resident not enrolled in LifePlus Program (for patients not covered under a provincial health plan; except Quebec)$525
Physician Consultation per half hour: Non-Canadian Resident enrolled in LifePlus Program (for patients not covered under a provincial health plan; except Quebec) $175
Nurse Practitioner (NP) Consultation per hour$200
Family Health Nurse Consultation per hour$140
Registered Dietitian Counseling per hour$140
Physiotherapy per hour$160-$220
Specialized physiotherapy concussion consultation per 90 min session$220
Kinesiology Counseling per hour$125
Integrated Personal Training (IPT) per session$125
Integrated Personal Training (IPT) 10 sessions$1,100
Integrated Personal Training (IPT) 20 sessions$2,000
Semi-Private Integrated Personal Training (IPT) per session (2 clients per session)$190
Semi-Private Integrated Personal Training (IPT) 10 sessions  (2 clients per session)$1,672
Semi-Private Integrated Personal Training (IPT) 20 sessions  (2 clients per session)$3,040
Carebook™ (online health management system)Inquire
Case Coordination$950
Registered Clinical Psychologist per hour$225
Registered PhD Clinical Psychologist per hour$225 – $250
Brain and Psychological Health Consultation*$175-$390/hr
Brief Cognitive Measure (BCM)$550
Memory and Cognition Assessment (MCA)$1,450
Concussion Management$250-$290/hr
Concussion Baseline$235
Adult ADHD Assessment$975
Pediatric ADHD Assessment$1,450
Psychoeducational Assessmentstarting at $1,950
Brain Fitness$155/hr
Pediatric Neuropsychological Assessmentstarting at $3,500
Adult Neuropsychological Assessmentstarting at $3,500
Neuropsychology Consultation per hour$250-$290/hr
Documentation time per half hour$125-$145

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*included as part of the LifePlus program. Please inquire directly for medico-legal rates

Note: All medically necessary diagnostic and treatment services that may be provided by the physicians practicing from the Copeman Healthcare Centre – or from your family doctor – are paid for by the government under your provincial health insurance plan. The fees charged by Copeman Healthcare are strictly for non-insured health services; payment of the non-insured health services fee is not a condition of access to insured services and does not guarantee access to insured physi­cian services.

**Copeman Healthcare’s fee for your comprehensive health assessment, whether as a standalone service or as part of a larger program, is strictly for the uninsured components. In Alberta and some other provinces, Copeman Healthcare or physicians working at the Centre may also bill the provincial health insurance plan for a comprehensive physician visit, general visits, as well as certain tests such as ECGs, stress ECGs, audiometry, tonometry and spirometry.