Expert Family Doctors

The Centre’s main service (LifePlus) provides individuals and families with expert doctor care that is supported by a dedicated, multi-professional team for optimal prevention and health management. Other services at the Centre can be added to create highly individualized programs of care to meet each individual’s unique needs.


Life PlusThis renowned program at the Copeman Healthcare Centre is designed for discriminating individuals and families that are looking for a premium health service that delivers the most modern evidence-based healthcare along with a lifelong professional team that is highly available. The LifePlus program was created to provide year-round care to people looking for a family health team with a focus on prevention. Medical care is provided in an “unhurried” and collaborative manner – bringing together the combined expertise of over 150 on-staff medical professionals. The LifePlus Program provides uninsured services for health-conscious people who want the support and availability of an expert medical and health team when they need it.

Here is a summary of the key features of the program:

Fees for the LifePlus Program are strictly for the uninsured components listed above. The components with an asterisk (*), including a physician visit, personalized lab screening based on gender and risk profile or a comprehensive physician visit will be billed to the provincial health insurance plan by Copeman Healthcare or physicians working at the Centre when they are considered insured services. Purchase of the LifePlus Program does not guarantee access to insured physician services.