Corporate Health and Wellness Programs

Organization excellence depends on a healthy workplace. Today’s progressive businesses stay competitive by attracting, retaining and nurturing their top talent with comprehensive health and wellness management plans. Investing in your employees’ physical and mental health creates stable and healthy work environments, increases productivity and lowers health-benefit expenses. Read more in Copeman Healthcare’s Executive Program brochure.

Why Copeman Healthcare?

There is no health program in Canada more comprehensive or effective than that offered at the Copeman Healthcare Centre. The Centre offers far more than advanced Executive Health Assessments and other services for early disease detection. It offers a continuity of care that delivers the support and education required to prevent disease altogether, combined with services that ensure your valued staff get timely expert medical care when they need it.

Lowering Your Health Risks

The Copeman Healthcare Centre is one of the few organizations in the world to offer integrated medical services in the three fundamental aspects of total healthcare: physical, psychological and Brain health. Read more about our Wellness Model

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Ongoing Executive Healthcare

The early detection of disease is only a small part of prevention. The real goal of prevention is to help the executive build resilience to fend off disease or disorders. Early detection of cancer or cardiovascular disease is good, but never detecting anything is better. Your valued staff and their families also need timely access to expert care when they need it. Read more about ongoing medical care services.

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Comprehensive Health Assessments

Often referred to as Executive Health Assessments or Executive Medicals, Copeman Healthcare offers the widest and most comprehensive selection of evidence based assessments available today, encompassing physical, psychological and brain health. Read more about Executive Health Assessments.

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Urgent Case Management

Copeman Healthcare can assist your organization when there is an urgent need for expedited medical care. Timely specialist and surgical options, case management and concierge medical services can relieve substantial burden for the organization, the employee and the employee’s family. For more information contact us.

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Organizational Wellness

Copeman Healthcare has developed advanced, evidence-based tools that can be used to assess the health of an entire organization, providing executive management with the information they need to design better health and benefit programs, as well as to ensure the organization is operating at maximum levels of productivity. Read more about our approach to a Healthy Workplace.

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Psychological Health

One of the most challenging areas in overall corporate health management today is the psychological health of the workforce. Concern for absenteeism has given way to concern for “presenteeism” and the costs to most organizations is staggering. The Copeman Neuroscience Centre is uniquely staffed to overcome this challenge. Read more about our mental health services.

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Brain Health

Ironically, organizations should be the most concerned about this equally important aspect of executive health, yet it is not yet on the top of the requirements list for most programs. However, with the growing concern about memory loss and overall cognitive decline in our aging workforces, this is changing fast. Read more about Brain Health.

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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

When one of your valuable employees is out of action due to injury or illness, you need to get them back to work as quickly as possible. In addition to specific rehabilitation services, the Copeman Healthcare Centre houses a medically supervised fitness facility that helps your valued staff lower health risks through exercise medicine. Read more about our physiotherapy and exercise medicine services.

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Integrated Personal Training

When you need to incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle for therapeutic purposes and under medical supervision, our Centre can provide kinesiologists with advanced certification in personal training who will work closely with your family physician and in-house doctors and other medical professionals. Read more about Integrated Personal Training.

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Other Services

Copeman Healthcare offers numerous other services tailored to the workplace, as well as personal and family health services that add to the effectiveness of your health programs. Read more about our other advanced medical services.

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Individual healthcare programs at the Centre can be combined with unique corporate health services to create progressive and highly effective health & wellness programs designed to attract, retain and optimize top talent, while creating a culture of caring within your organization. View Fee Schedule

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